"If you require staff assistance please email fowlerb @ omrf.ouhsc.edu or call 405-271-7545 to schedule staff before scheduling equipment. Staff may not be able to assist if not scheduled."
  1. Enter "calendar" (omitting quotes) in the name and password boxes below and click the "Login" button
  2. Choose the appropriate calendar from the list on the following page.
  3. Schedule your appointment by clicking on the number in the top left corner of the date
    block for the day you will need the equipment.
  4. Enter the time you will need to use the equipment in the appropriate boxes.
  5. Enter only your principle investigator's last name in the box labeled "Enter text for a new event."
    No other information is required in this box.
  6. Enter your name, lab location, and phone number in the box labeled
    "Enter a URL, or text for a popup window."
    If you need assistance with the equipment, enter your request here.
  7. When you are finished scheduling an event, click the "Create Event" button.
    "We understand that sometimes experiments don't go as planned, or take longer than expected. As such, we are happy to cancel or amend your reserved appointments. PLEASE NOTE: cancellations or rescheduling requested less than one hour prior to your originally scheduled time will incur a 30 minute usage charge, and rescheduling is based on equipment and/or personnel availability. If you are more than 30 minutes late for a scheduled appointment and have not contacted us, your remaining appointment time will be cancelled and you will incur a one-hour usage charge. "
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